RV Monitor Panel overview video

An RV Monitor Panel is the information center for most of the systems in your RV. Learn more about it in this overview video courtesy of RV Repair Club. RV Monitor Panel overview video In the coming weeks, we will

Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

For me, I thought Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning was just a matter of cleaning the 2 filters on the inside of the RV. These are a couple mesh filters, that I remove, brush with a semi-soft brush (a nail cleaning brush

RV Stabilization Trick – Jack stands

RV Stabilization Trick with lifts don’t work all that great in earthquake prone areas. Every time we have an earthquake, it shifts the RV and re-stabilization is needed. Which is why if you’re planning on living in the same place

Shin Bone Break

So it’s been about 2 weeks now that I felt the pain of something hitting me and got the news of my Shin Bone Break. It didn’t happen within my RV, I wasn’t near my RV, instead I was walking to

RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area

I want to tell you about RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area. It was scary a little bit, when I remembered that I now live in an area which gets earthquakes. I came upon this realization one evening while

Bombcyclone survival in an RV

A bombcyclone. That’s what they are calling this surprise winter attack, with rare freezing cold weather. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you didn’t. Basically it’s one of those Sci-Fi movies come to life, where the weather attacks humanity with

Balancing Act – RV Parking on Uneven Surfaces

I recently changed parks, moved to California. Unfortunately, the park I am living in now, requires a Balancing Act on the parking space. In other words, the space is off kilter, and the owners of the park have not tried

Increase MPG – Driving RVs Frugally

If you want to Increase MPG (Miles per Gallon or even Kilometers per Liter), there is one quick lesson you need to learn. I should mention that I have a 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. It doesn’t sink when I

Changing RV Parks – More Lessons

So on October 1st of 2017, we went about Changing RV Parks. I should mention we actually came from northern New Mexico, stopped in Laughlin NV, and ended up down in Lake Elsinore, CA. Changing RV Parks Leaving NM was actually

Vacation from the RV – Rotten Food

So we took a Vacation from the RV. What that entailed, was locking the door (both locks), turning off the water at the spigot, and opening a faucet to relieve the pressure.. Turning off the LP bottles, and turning off the