Monthly Archives: December 2016

Providing Proof of Residency

Do you have Proof of Residency? That’s what everyone wants to know, including the government.  Your RV is not an acceptable answer, so here’s a few different solutions… When I got the RV, I gave them my residency – which

Damn Toilet on the RV – Why’s it stuck?

Damn Toilet – Why’s it stuck? Oh yeah. That happened. It’s one thing when the toilet meter shows the black tank is full, and another to notice that the toilet isn’t flushing. So I looked down yonder only to find… toilet

Its Cold Outside – Winters Here

I have been trying to figure out how to tell you this, but its cold outside, winter’s here. If you’re an RVer, then this can mean any number of different things. One of the hardest things we have had an issue

They said Free WiFi

So in our quest to find a place to park our RV, we started looking at places which were close to my employer. We wanted it close, mostly quiet, and to have free internet. So this next segment it about RV

One Gas Bottle as a time

So I am new to RVing, and this is one of the lessons I learned the hard way, I call it One Gas Bottle as a time. Let me preface by saying that it wasn’t a total disaster, but it

Gas Mileage

When I purchased my truck and RV, we didn’t really go over Gas Mileage. There was a lot which the place where I bought my RV covered. There was also a lot which they didn’t. But this next one, couldn’t

Pulling Weight

You need to know your Pulling Weight. If you’re planning on pulling an RV (or a car), there are some numbers you are going to need to know. Pulling Weight Your vehicle has a total weight it can handle. It’s

My first RV

September 2016. That was the month I bought my first RV. The plan, was to live in it, move whenever we wanted, take vacations with it, but most importantly, retire in it. To say the least, it’s been an RV