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RV Stabilization Trick – Jack stands

RV Stabilization Trick with lifts don’t work all that great in earthquake prone areas. Every time we have an earthquake, it shifts the RV and re-stabilization is needed. Which is why if you’re planning on living in the same place

RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area

I want to tell you about RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area. It was scary a little bit, when I remembered that I now live in an area which gets earthquakes. I came upon this realization one evening while

Bombcyclone survival in an RV

A bombcyclone. That’s what they are calling this surprise winter attack, with rare freezing cold weather. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you didn’t. Basically it’s one of those Sci-Fi movies come to life, where the weather attacks humanity with

Avoid Falling Asleep While Driving

To Avoid Falling Asleep While Driving, we need to first point out why it happens. Often times, it’s a matter of simply being tired to start. But there are times, when this isn’t really the case. I have found that I

Excessive Dew Window Cleaning – Preventive Maintenance

I wouldn’t have thought that Excessive Dew Window Cleaning would become so integral in my life now, living in an RV. But if you live in a cold climate, this may become a way of life for you too. If you

Keep that Spare Water Tank Full

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you’re planning on living in your RV, it’s a good idea to Keep that Spare Water Tank Full. This is especially true, if you can expect cold weather coming

Providing Proof of Residency

Do you have Proof of Residency? That’s what everyone wants to know, including the government.  Your RV is not an acceptable answer, so here’s a few different solutions… When I got the RV, I gave them my residency – which

My first RV

September 2016. That was the month I bought my first RV. The plan, was to live in it, move whenever we wanted, take vacations with it, but most importantly, retire in it. To say the least, it’s been an RV