Bombcyclone survival in an RV

A bombcyclone. That’s what they are calling this surprise winter attack, with rare freezing cold weather. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you didn’t. Basically it’s one of those Sci-Fi movies come to life, where the weather attacks humanity with uncharacteristically cold weather. It could be from climate change, or it might just be a freak weather event. Either way, it means it’s getting cold.


Bombcyclone survival in an RVAs an RV owner who lives in their RV, a bombcyclone is really bad. It means you have to be prepared for a cold snap, not gradually creep into it. Hopefully you already filled and cleansed your spare tank. If not, you need to wait for the water lines outside to unfreeze. This could take a while (try a heating pad on the spigot).

In the news, Iguana’s (not native to Florida), are falling out of trees since it’s been getting into the 40’s there. At 50, they get sluggish, at 40 they just drop to the ground. The advice is to move them into sunlight and move back from them.

For us full time RVers, there is little you can do. Fill up the propane tanks, set the thermostat to 40F and bundle together under lots of layers. And today, I am going to teach you about layers. Before I do, you’re probably wondering why I want you to set the heater to come on at 40. So the pipes don’t freeze. You and I can survive in colder weather, but the pipes can’t.

Warming up in a bombcyclone

Warming up in a bombcyclone, is all about the layers. It’s about the layers you wear, and the layers you take to bed. The first layer, should be long underwear. If you don’t have any, tights or even pantyhose will do. The first layer needs to be directly against the skin. All the other layers need to be fluffy. Tighter is not better here.

So you put on a sweater and gloves. You put on a knit hat, and socks. Then you put on another layer of socks, and another layer of fluffy clothes. It’s going to get cold, so 3-4 layers are needed. If you have a scarf, use it. Otherwise a turtleneck helps here. If you have a face mask, that works, or just make some eye sockets in your knit hat and pull it down.

When it gets that cold, you also need multiple blankets to sleep. I have also worn slippers to bed. 2-3 layers of blankets and preferably a wool blanket in there. Down (feathers) is also good. Basically fluffy layers with some sort of fill to trap the warm air.

Now as a person in an RV, we have smaller rooms. But unless you can turn off other vents, don’t bother with your propane powered heater. Instead, opt for a space heater. Any sort will do, but its going to draw about 15 amps, so be careful what you put on as well.

A generator and a bombcyclone

If you have no power, then nows a great time to invest in a generator. It needs to be a minimum of 15amps to power your heater, remember that. If you can, get a 30amp which can run at half power for longer times. Really, it’s to get you through the night where you can add more gas to it.

So remember, layers, fluffy layers, and a space heater to get you through the bombcyclone.

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