Excessive Dew Window Cleaning – Preventive Maintenance

I wouldn’t have thought that Excessive Dew Window Cleaning would become so integral in my life now, living in an RV. But if you live in a cold climate, this may become a way of life for you too. If you haven’t done this, you might want to read on, and possibly follow suit.

Excessive Dew Window Cleaning

Excessive Dew Window Cleaning

Viva paper towels, shipped directly to you

Excessive condensation, will cause issues with your walls. You see, as we exhale, we release water vapors. As we wash dishes, or take showers, we get more condensation. It sticks to the windows in little droplets. As those droplets accumulate, they will fall into the track below the window. When the track becomes full, the water then drips to the sill and finally down your walls. And then we get water damage.

Now water damage might be something simple, or it might be something altogether worse. If it drips down your walls, you may get soggy walls. Those will then need to be replaced. Could be costly, might not be – it’s something you might need to check with an RV supply store. Or it could seep into your flooring, or worse your electrical system – and that will need a professional to look at and get worked on – a little preventive maintenance every couple days of Excessive Dew Window Cleaning goes a long way.

Excessive Dew Window Cleaning – Preventive Maintenance

So every few days – more so, as it’s colder out, I go about Excessive Dew Window Cleaning, and I clean the window tracks of all the water which has accumulated. There are several ways to do this, but I have found the easiest is with a paper towel. It might be that for you, a Chamois works better (used to help dry your car after a wash). I did try a sponge, and I thought that I would shell out $5 for a 3-pack from Scotch-Brite. Didn’t work as well as the paper towel however.

Before you think that when you are Excessive Dew Window Cleaning you can just use any paper towel, think again. I don’t use a cheap store brand, I don’t even use Bounty. No, I use the best of the best here, I use Viva. Viva will soak up the water, which I then transfer to the sink, and back and forth, wringing it out each time. The reason I don’t use a sponge? It doesn’t soak up as much moisture, and cheaper brands of paper towels either fall apart, or won’t open back up when you squeeze them.

So if you live in a cold climate, or if you’re in a climate where dew forms on the windows, get your butt up and do some Excessive Dew Window Cleaning, before it’s too late.

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