Keep that Spare Water Tank Full

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you’re planning on living in your RV, it’s a good idea to Keep that Spare Water Tank Full. This is especially true, if you can expect cold weather coming in. They said in the RV park we live in, late last year, to keep the cold and hot water taps running, a drop at a time. And while we did that, we also insulated our hose, which hooks up to the city water. We used to use a water filter on the city water, seemed like a great idea… till the water froze in it. It didn’t burst or anything dramatic like that, but it did stop the water from flowing. So I removed the filter, and all was well for a time.

Keep that Spare Water Tank Full

RV Education through DVDsBut these last few days and a sporadic few last month, we had again frozen water, even though we had the water dripping all night long. So tonight, it hit 21F, that’s below 0 for those of you who are in areas were Celsius is used. Anyways, I have mentioned this before, our unit is winterized. It helps keep the interior a bit toasty, but the exterior of the unit – well that’s another story.

I mentioned you should Keep that Spare Water Tank Full, and this is especially true for cold weather. If we didn’t have that spare tank full, it would have meant no flushing water, no water to brush teeth, none to wash hands, and certainly not to wash the dishes, nor take a shower. We do drink bottled water, we also cook with bottled water. It’s something which my wife has insisted for years, and with the situation in Flint Michigan, as well as high levels of arsenic in Mesquite Nevada, and the recent high levels of lead in the University of California, Sacramento – it makes sense.

When you’re expecting cool weather, it’s a good idea to sanitize your spare water tank. After doing that, go ahead and fill it up. Because when it gets freezing cold, you’re going to be in for some trouble unless you Keep that Spare Water Tank Full. So remember, in cooler weather,  If you’re expecting to go somewhere where you will have cooler weather, it’s also a good idea to fill up your water before your trip – and I hate to say that one, because the cost of gas will become more. Once you leave that cooler area however, it’s ok to drain the tank till you need it again.

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