Providing Proof of Residency

Do you have Proof of Residency? That’s what everyone wants to know, including the government.  Your RV is not an acceptable answer, so here’s a few different solutions…

When I got the RV, I gave them my residency – which happened to be a studio apartment, which was month to month – no lease. I skirted having to give residential proof for that AND my truck. Very happy about that portion. But now when they ask, “Where do you live?”… I have a problem.

Proof of Residency – Where do you live?

Mind you, I do have a P.O. Box. I have had one going on 2 years now, and will need to again renew it. But when you apply for loans or credit cards, get insurance rates, register to vote, et cetera, they want a physical address. For me, at the RV park I am living in, I could get a mailbox there. I can receive packages as well. But I have opted not to bother with the mailbox – after all, I have a P.O. Box, right? There’s some people who are more dynamic in their living arrangements, and move much more often.

This last presidential election I wasn’t sure who to vote for anyways, so not too big of a deal. But my ID is in Arizona, my wife’s is in Nevada. Hers is renewed, and they shipped to the P.O. Box (ummm we’re travelling, yah!), but it still shows the address we last lived in in NV. Mine actually shows the P.O. Box in New Mexico, while being an Arizona license, but that’s not going to fly fairly soon, once the laws take effect with not being able to fly.

So what’s the solution, for when someone asks you, “Do you have Proof of Residency? Where do you live?” There actually is a solution, but it’s still skirting the rules. Heck, there are a couple solutions really, and I am going to go over each and every one of them, as best as I can. For now, we are ok, but soon will need to follow my own advice.

Proof of Residency Solutions

The first solution to Proof of Residency, is to get together with a friend who lives in the area, and on paper, sublease their domicile. That means you use their address, but still live in your RV. The pro is you get an address, the con is that you have to be a close friend, since you might get mail at some point. Don’t want that stuff opened.

Next, you can get a private mailbox. This means going to a UPS store which offers mailboxes, or a mom & pop store that does, and when they tell you to use PMB (Private Mail Box) ###, you replace PMB with Apt.  The Pro is you have access to your mail – they may even offer mail forwarding. Con is that you have no lease to show creditors proof of access, nothing to prove you live there to the motor vehicle department. Good Sam also offers a mail forwarding service, but it’s gonna cost you.

Proof of Residency - A Locking MailboxThe final solution to Proof of Residency – is you will need to purchase a small parcel of land somewhere and stick a mailbox on it. The pro is you now have a physical address, the con – that you won’t be able to get the mail on the road.

Proof of Residency – My own solution

I actually prefer the last solution the most, simply because at some later time, you can also park your RV on your parcel and use it as a residency, for when you aren’t traveling. You will need a locking mailbox, and later if you opt for it some RV hookups – which will also work to give you electricity, water, cable, sewage/trash – which then gives you proof of residency. It won’t however give you access to your mail, while you’re on the road, but as long as you make regular payments, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I would suggest if you go with the last option to find out where it would be cheapest to have your insurance, and then buy a parcel in that locale. I used to live in Las Vegas, but my rates dropped when I moved to Mesquite, NV. Larger cities will be more expensive, rural areas cheaper.

In conclusion for your Proof of Residency

Which ever way you decide to go, with your Proof of Residency established, you’ll be able to get insurance, register to vote (even by mail), get one of the new IDs, and possibly even to forward your mail. Choose the option which works best for you.

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