RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area

I want to tell you about RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area. It was scary a little bit, when I remembered that I now live in an area which gets earthquakes. I came upon this realization one evening while I was sitting watching a movie with my wife. The RV began rocking back and forth.

RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area

Over the last several months, we have had our shares of living excitement. We have been exploring the area more, getting to know where we are living now, getting out and meeting the neighbors, as well as those at local businesses. You might call me an extrovert. This is fine, my wife is an introvert. It’s an interesting combination.

In the evenings, since we live in a warmer climate, we leave the vents on top open. This adds a bit of a way for the heat to get out, and cool air to drift in. But this isn’t a story about that. This is the story of the rocking – and we’re not talking music.

It was about 3 in the morning, I am a bit of a night owl, and usually goto bed in the early mornings. While the RV was shaving, my wife asked what that was – and rather than lie to her and shrug, I told her we just experienced an earthquake. TO which she replied she didn’t like California, it’s scary here.

Checking the news

At that point, I did my due diligence, I checked the news. It wasn’t on TV, it wasn’t online via reddit. So, I went to sleep. She however being scared still stayed up a few more hours, as I later learned. I found out the next morning, it was about 100 miles away at it’s epicenter, and that it was a 3.5. It didn’t bother me.

But there are some things which were affected from this little shake up, which becomes a new experience and a new lesson. First off, be prepared. You would think that Katrina in Louisiana and the last storm to hit Puerto Rico would have ingrained this in me. It didn’t. But I had learned form the earthquake.


I do not know when it’s going to hit, but it will. What? It might be an earthquake, or a hurricane, or a wildfire. All I can say, is something is coming, and we need to get prepared. I haven’t as of yet fully prepared, but I will. I am doing it piece by piece and it’s something I might start writing on, if readers are interested.

Unbalance act

The next thing I learned was that the rocking actually managed to unbalance us. We were balanced left to right, maybe off by an inch or two. Suddenly, we were off by 3, and the following earthquake by 4. This needed to be addressed, we needed to re-balance. Sadly, it’s somehting you need to do manually, which means putting everything back on the rig and moving it forward and back up and down ramps or rocks or snadbags, or whatever you use.

But the worst thing – to me anyways, was that it also messed up my walkway. To adjust the RV side-to-side doesn’t take much, put the slide in, raise the RV up, put the hitch on, drive forward, adjust the ramp, drive back up, measure and reset. But my walkway… that I had to do brick by brick. And I have had to do it multiple times. I haven’t yet got around to making a garden, but we do have a picnic table, walkway, chairs, and fake grass for the kids to play/lay on.


So next up for me, will be doing more to prepare in case a natural disaster does hit. Living in an RV versus in a house makes a difference in what I can do, but that’s all something I hope to go into more at a later time. Hopefully this article on RV Living in an Earthquake Prone Area finds you all in good health and ready for the next installment.

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