Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

For me, I thought Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning was just a matter of cleaning the 2 filters on the inside of the RV. These are a couple mesh filters, that I remove, brush with a semi-soft brush (a nail cleaning brush works fine here), and then rinse off, before sliding them back into place. All this time, I missed one essential step.

Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

Air Conditioner Filter CleaningAs it turns out, there is another “filter” of sorts which needs to be cleaned. It’s actually a cooling fin, and its found on top of your RV. The work, takes about 10 minutes, and is an essential clean which you need to do about once a year, before it gets hot for the summer. If you are visiting windy areas, it might be better to do it more often.

If you don’t clean it, then at the peak hottest part of the day, your AC unit will start blowing hot air – or rather not-cool air. You can set up a couple fans, but if its humid then the fans aren’t going to do the best job to help you here. I know, this is how it happened for us. 105F, 30% humidity, and the AC went out. It was fine at night, but just didn’t work during the day – and the grandkids were visiting then. Suffice it to say, we hit the beach twice in those 2 weeks, a park’s splash pad twice, and the nearby pool a few times as well. That and going shopping in a big warehouse store like Sam’s Club or Costco from 2 until 6 at night was the alternative (I do not recommend this method – it’s more expensive than you might think).

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Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning Method

So the procedure to do this Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning is pretty simple. You’ll need some tools before you get up there however. A Screw Driver, a long bristle brush, some paper or cloth towels, and a water filled spray bottle.

  1. Start by climbing your ladder with the above tools at hand, to the top of your RV.
  2. Open up the cover for your AC unit. Careful here if it’s a unit than 3 years, these can crack from all the heat. A replacement cover can be bought after market if you do break it.
  3. If the fins have any kind of debris here, you’ll need to clean it out. Pick out what you can, but don’t try to use a towel to clean it.
  4. Use the brush to get the muck from between the fins. For me, it was mass amounts of pollen.
  5. Now use the spray bottle to wash away what you couldn’t brush out, and to wet the debris to make it easier to clean up.
  6. The towels come into play here. Get as much of the water soaked up as possible. If you don’t get it all, the AC will drip inside.
  7. Replace the cover, don’t over tighten the screws.
  8. Turn on AC and test it out.

TIP: Those are cooling fins. Don’t press against them. It might look neat, but meshing them together will make the AC get hot, which effectively does the same as clogging them, shutting down. You can separate them again with a butter knife.

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