Changing RV Parks – More Lessons

So on October 1st of 2017, we went about Changing RV Parks. I should mention we actually came from northern New Mexico, stopped in Laughlin NV, and ended up down in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Changing RV Parks

Changing RV Parks, Moving, RV Park, KOA, Tools, Lessons LearnedLeaving NM was actually hard on us, as we lived there for a year, and things we were supposed to do, were forgotten. One of my stabilizing jacks is now messed up. I can probably fix it relatively cheap, but I will need some more money before I can do that. You see I forgot to lift the rear ones up, which are past the RV Axle (aka the tipping point), which bowed the bars out. I will be able to replace the bars after removing a couple bolts, and then pry back into place a metal tab which holds them in place from sliding forward to back.

Once we disconnected our cable, and water line (which was stiff from the freezing cold), and did most of the things we needed to do in town, we were set to go. I now keep a pair of channel locks, some pliers, and knuckle saving gloves in the front where I also keep my tow ball assembly. With all the lynch pins the pliers and gloves have saved my hands multiple times. I also keep grease on the ball, so it saves my clothes as well. The hardest part was undoing the cable and water lines, since I needed my tools for those.

Changing RV Parks Stop Overs

We left NM at 33F. About 10 hours later we stopped in Kingman AZ. It was cool, but not yet cold. Parked at a truck stop and went to the RV to sleep the night. While it was only 2 hours away from Laughlin NV, a full night sleep and hitting the rental office in the morning seemed right. We arrived in 110F degree weather in Laughlin NM. Talk about a shock to the system. In the morning, we turned on the A/C and left it on most of the stay there. We had a pull through site at the KOA in Laughlin.

In regards to the KOA in Laughlin… don’t try to use their kiddie area. Spider webs, poop, and mosquitoes abound. I realize not many people have their kids with them, but I was surprised to see that it was in such bad shape. The last time we were there, was similar, so I think they just don’t mind the kids playground area. Not that it’s impressive, even a Burger King or McDonalds play area is nicer than the KOA there.

The pull through space at KOA was nice and flat, no leveling side-to-side needed. We also got access to the pool and the beach areas. The beach sits on the Colorado River, which is cold year-round. Took the grandkids to the pool, which is not watched. Sadly, there was an argument the first day at the pool, adolescents and drinking do not mix well. The second day, one of the grandkids ended up swallowing some of the water in the hot-tub and ended up getting sick. Not a fun experience, the RV smelled like puke for a few hours.

We did attend a concert in Las Vegas. This was actually a day before the shooting in Las Vegas (Oct 1 2017). Missed that only because I had an appointment on Monday, and needed to drive to Lake Elsinore on Sunday, otherwise would have attended.

Changing RV Parks – The Arrival

So we got to the RV park. It sits right on Lake Elsinore, and of course the lake is down. But we have seen boaters, camping, fishing, and people enjoying the water. There are actually several RV parks in the area, but I guess it’s a popular place to stay. Seems like a retirement village. Everyone was super helpful as we made our way coming in… and because I trusted one, smashed my RV awning motor mechanism case into a tree. Won’t listen to that guy for advice again. The Motor isn’t damaged, duck-taped it in place for now. There is an RV parts and service place just down the road from us, will get that fixed, when I get some more money.

All the advice I was getting was mostly bad. I ended up letting one guy take over, and he almost backed into a tree. Stopped him, made him get out. I was extremely frustrated at this point. Finally one guy came along who also happens to be a handy-man! after trying to get the RV backed into the spot, there was someone who knew better than I, how to get it into the spot, and I let him take over. It was in, within 5 minutes with him at the controls. Before you laugh, understand this was my 2nd attempt to back into a space in over a year of owning the RV. I do not claim to be a master, but do admit I need lots of practice.

Changing RV Parks – The Lisp

The RV was lisping to the side, but would do for a night. The next day, with the help of the guy who tried backing us into a tree, I pulled forward, and then backed the trailer onto a rising block to get it balanced left to right. You can tell you’re in a retirement community, when no one knows what a rising block is, nor for that matter what anti-sway brakes are. When we bought the RV, we didn’t know what they were either… but at the same time, we didn’t know anything about RVs. So when we got everything electric, including the leveling system we mostly thought it was normal – till we got here anyways.

Hooking up, was also a bit painful. You see there was an added piece on our RV sewage I have never seen before. I couldn’t even figure out how to attach our sewage lines. It came with hose clamps, but everytime I tightened the clamp, it would pull out. As it turns out, I needed to completely remove the included sewage assembly and drop my sewage lines into the hole. It won’t stay in place, so it’s a temporary solution. I will likely just add some shimmies to get it to stay in place. For now, I have a couple blocks sitting on top of it, holding it in place.

Changing RV Parks Lessons Learned

  • Leave later in the morning, if it’s freezing in the morning but warms in the day.
  • Lift your stabilizer jacks before lifting up your RV.
  • Don’t assume just because a park is KOA that it’s going to be nice.
  • Do not listen to drunks who want to help.
  • Do listen to the wife when she tells me I am about to hit a tree.
  • Ask for help and thank everyone who “helps”, even if they make it worse.

Overall, I think it could have gone better, but I am glad it didn’t get worse when we decided to go about Changing RV Parks. The time where I fixed the lisp surprised me, in that the guy helping made me pull forward about 10 feet more then I needed to. I ended up being 1 foot closer to a tree where our slideout comes out. But it wasn’t bad, just gave us a foot more space to play with on the living side – which was a lot more than our old park.

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