Its Cold Outside – Winters Here

I have been trying to figure out how to tell you this, but its cold outside, winter’s here. If you’re an RVer, then this can mean any number of different things. One of the hardest things we have had an issue with, is the below zero freezing.

So I already told you about not turning on both RV Gas tanks at the same time. When one runs out, and you don’t have enough gas to turn the other one on, it sucks bad. You’re freezing, bundled up if your warmest clothes waiting on the Gas sales people to open their doors.

Its Cold Outside – Winters Here

But what it it’s just cold outside, and you don’t want to go out and turn on the other tank? If you’re living in an RV park on a semi permanent basis, you could hire a company to rent you a larger tank and will fill it up weekly. But there is actually another alternative, and it doesn’t matter if you are staying in an RV park, or if you are on the road, spending the night.

Its cold outside. Get yourself a space heater

I have this model

So if its cold outside and you don’t want to go outside to change over your LP Bottles, then you need to have an electric space heater somewhere you can keep inside. We run ours almost constantly, which saves us LP gas. You might find it cheaper, you might not – depends on where you are living. But right now, we are spending $120 monthly in LP gas. Come summer, that will drop to $20-$30 monthly.

It doesn’t matter which heater you get, as long as your RV can handle the power draw. We have a 30amp RV, and the Electric Space Heater we are using draws 12.5 amps. Since we won’t be running the AC at the same time, we can use this one. Interestingly however, most of the larger models also pull 12.5 amps, I just went with a cheaper model, since I can close the bedroom door and just heat that to a toasty level, while the rest of the RV sits just above freezing.

Info: If you’re drawing 15 amps of power from a house, you won’t be able to run a space heater and the microwave at the same time. Get it toasty, then unplug the space heater to run other electric utilities.

Mobile Home Parts Store Deal of The DaySince we started using an Electric Space Heater, our LP usage went down from needing 7 gallons of Liquid Propane (LP Gas) every 2-3 days to every 3-4 days. I know it doesn’t seem like that much, but we’re saving having to go outside when it’s cold to change over the bottles, as well as a bit of gas monthly. It’s probably only about a 3-4 gallon a month difference, but totally worth it.

Tip: If you are hooked up to an external water source, turn your electric water heater on, and make sure both the hot and cold waters are dripping if the temperatures are supposed to get down to the low 40s. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine it dropping an extra 7-10 degrees, and causing a pipe to burst.

Hopefully this post helps you stay toasty this winter (and those yet to come). Remember: It’s cold outside, winter’s here, lets warm up!

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