Damn Toilet on the RV – Why’s it stuck?

Damn Toilet – Why’s it stuck? Oh yeah. That happened. It’s one thing when the toilet meter shows the black tank is full, and another to notice that the toilet isn’t flushing. So I looked down yonder only to find… toilet paper. We’re not talking a bit in the blackness, we’re talking it floating at the top and not going down. Opening the valve to empty does nothing.

First thing’s first, goto the nearby RV Store and inquire. I prodded, poked, and finally told them, “Damn Toilet – Why’s it stuck?” As it happens, this is a common occurrence. Some people have this problem others mention they don’t. I guess our tank walls aren’t made of Teflon or something.

Damn Toilet – Why’s it stuck?

Damn Toilet

Deluxe Model!

So here’s when it gets gross (covers eyes and nose) with your Damn Toilet. Once a month, you need to flush the black tank out. But its not a matter of just opening the tank valve, or dropping a dissolving tab in the tank, if you’re sitting in an RV park, you need to do some duties. The first thing is to buy a toilet wand. I decided to opt for the “deluxe” model which does the moving around for me, so I don’t have to shift and move the hose in circles, does it all for me. Wheeee!

The next thing you might want to get yourself is a dedicated hose. Since I don’t want to disconnect the water line off the back every time I need to clean something out, wash the car, or fill up the reserve tank, I opted to get first a Y-Hose connector and then also a longer collapsible hose. I went for the 75 foot hose by Pocket Hose, but you can choose whichever you prefer. I went with 75 foot, even though my trailer is 33 feet, so that at a later time I can wash it down, but also it’s easier to go in the side window, then the back window – but the Damn Toilet is closer to the rear of the trailer. It just gives me more options.

Info: So this is the important part. Open your black tank valve, keep your grey tank valve closed. Flush your Damn Toilet with the toilet wand. You might have to work it there for 10 minutes, and you should do this once a month in the winter, and at least once a week in the summer – more if you empty the black tank more often or live in a dry desert area. Once you’re done cleaning it out, turn it off, pull the wand out (careful on where you touch it), and then it’s ok to open the gray tank to empty it. This will also flush anything else out of the sewage house.

RV Education through DVDsWe closed the gray tank while cleaning out the black tank, so you don’t accidentally send something into the grey tank – cause trust me, trying to flush the gray tank is a lot more hard, and will require another tool – more on that later.

Since you only put the toilet wand down your Damn Toilet, you need not worry about the hose. It’s clean. Use it however you like now.

Tip: You might be able to get a spigot converter to take a line directly from your bath/shower to your toilet wand. Check with a local hardware store for that.

I should also note that we use Scott brand TP, but you can get a specialized toilet paper from an RV Supply store. But even if you do, you’re going to need to do a clean out on your Damn Toilet with the RV TP.

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