Oh Crap, whats that smell?

Oh Crap, whats that smell?Oh Crap, whats that smell? Yah, that was one of the more interesting ones. Really thought that there was a major problem when we came back after 3 days away. You see, the whole RV stank like crap. Flush the toilet, and it stank even worse.

Before I go into this, let me assure you, I use a toilet freshener everytime we empty the Black tank, so this was a totally unexpected F-up. 3 days gone, come back, and it stinks? It was also late at night when we got back home, so not really an opportune time to check anything. But I did check in the morning, let me assure you – especially since it was either live with the stink for a night (and who knows how long else ways) or open the window and freeze with the cold weather here. We opted to burn a candle overnight and to leave the windows closed.

Oh Crap, whats that smell?

So in the morning, when I relieved myself (and renewed the scent), I went out to check the connections. As it turns out, the last time I emptied the sewage, I must not have closed the black tank valve all the way. Now what makes this interesting to me, is that a little bit of sewage slowly leaked out, taking the desanitizer with it, leaving the offensive sewage untreated on top.

Simple solution was to build up the gray tank a bit by washing dishes and showering, then emptying the black tank, and the gray tank to flush it a bit, and then adding new desanitizing tablets.

Scent is gone, no lingering effects. But everytime I empty the black tank, I do ensure that the valve is completely closed now. I suppose you could call this the “Oh Crap, whats that smell” Lesson, lol. Though it was definitely one of the more crappier lessons to learn.

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