One Gas Bottle as a time

So I am new to RVing, and this is one of the lessons I learned the hard way, I call it One Gas Bottle as a time. Let me preface by saying that it wasn’t a total disaster, but it was one which could easily have been avoided, and only resulted in an uncomfortable situation for a single night.

One Gas Bottle as a time

We are staying in northern New Mexico, and the temperatures have started to drop below freezing. This means we need to leave the water dripping, even though the unit is winterized. This works to keep even the outside lines from bursting, as moving water freezes only at a much lower temperature.

The other day, we were running out of gas – you can tell this, when the stove will no longer go all the way up. When this happens, you turn off your pilot light (if you leave it on), go outside and switch over the gas bottles. Well last time I got them filled, I had this great idea, why not turn them both on. That was my mistake. So I go outside, and am ready to switch bottles, only to remember at this time… I turned them both on last time.

Well here’s where the results of the F-Up come in. I couldn’t get any gas till the morning. I go to a local farmer supply store, and they are closed. I might have been able to range out farther seeking a supplier, but I don’t know of any nearby. So the idea is survive the night and make it through a freezing situation unscathed.

Normally, with the heat on, the back room stays warm, possibly even hot, since I run my computer back there. It’s a small enclosed space, and sleeps upto 3 people. I usually leave the computer running, as it saves me some hassles and allows my RSS feeds to stay updated. It got so cold that night, that it never stayed warm. I was shivering while typing/surfing.

My wife and grandkids were huddled in the front, under multiple blankets, with the front bedroom doors closed, sharing heat. I ended up putting on double layers, wearing my slippers to bed, also a sweater which usually suffices me for the outside. I still froze my rear off.

So this resulted in a lack of sleep. But out of this, I learned 2 lessons and verified another;

Leaving the water dripping on hot AND cold, does keep anything from freezing (one in kitchen, one in bathroom) Turn on one gas bottle at a time, you will have a few days to fill up on the latter. Buy an electric space heater. The space heater can run off the electricity, and keep you warm if you run out of gas.

TL;DR Ran out of gas, froze our arses off.

Note: Some of the lessons I thought I learned… I didn’t. More info on that later… But the One Gas Bottle as a time story is worth remembering – it still holds true.

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