Shin Bone Break

So it’s been about 2 weeks now that I felt the pain of something hitting me and got the news of my Shin Bone Break. It didn’t happen within my RV, I wasn’t near my RV, instead I was walking to throw out the trash when that even occurred. If you manage this feat, it’s actually something that I wasn’t prepared for with my RV.

Let me explain…

Shin Bone Break

How my Shin Bone Break happened, isn’t really that important here. Just understand that when it broke, it wasn’t anything to do with my RV. Living in an RV full time, wouldn’t be a disaster, if not for 2 things. First, we need a bigger bathroom. So if you are ever out hunting for a new or used RV, then know that you want to be able to stretch out your legs, if you sit on the commode. Either that, you you might want to consider where you can put a portable potty; Check out Coleman Portable Flush ToiletSereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet, or Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable. The problem with our RV potty, is that I have to bend my knee to sit on it. There is no way I could do the trip to the bathroom if I had a cast up to my thigh. If I can’t bend my knee, then I would probably already invested in the portable loo… I still might though.

Consider Getting a Ramp

Shin Bone BreakThe second thing which bothers me about living in an RV, when you are hurt, is the stairs. You step on the first step, it’s small, maybe your RV rocks, maybe it doesn’t. Now we just have some flagstones, and those solar powered lights along the edge. They look nice, it’s a nice way to spruce up our little space. But won’t help in any way with using crutches or a cane for that matter.

Here’s the thing, once you add some crutches in the mix, and try to get up and down those stairs is a whole new challenge. It’s such a small opening, I actually managed to lose my balance after my Shin Bone Break, climbing up the stairs. It wasn’t a disaster, my wife was there to help, I didn’t fall back. I did have to step on my broken leg 2 days before my surgery, and lay in bed for a good 24 hours however.

The only thing I could find, and it’s not really that portable, which might help in this situation is a 10′ Aluminum Entry Ramp with Handrails. You could probably order that, and have a box which it hooks to, which is the same height of your RV entry way. I am seriously thinking about getting this for my wife and I for everyday usage. As we start to get older, having a ramp to climb, may be much more helpful than 4 steps into our RV.

I am thankful for…

There are a couple things I am thankful for, while living in the RV with this Shin Bone Break. The first is that it’s a small area, easier to get from the bed to the bathroom, or the kitchen. Another that with all the cabinetry, it’s actually easier to move around with crutches, since all I need to do to get up, is lean on a crutch and push against a cabinet by my bed to get up. I can also lift my self up, with the cabinets above our bed, not flexing my legs (which causes pain).

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I think this is the thing I am thankful for as my second most top was finally getting that memory foam mattress topper. We splurged about 2 weeks before the Shin Bone Break accident. At first, I wasn’t sleeping well, but here’s the thing. When you are laid up, and all you have is a mattress which is made of a hard foam, it won’t take long before your RV bed has lumps in it. If you stay in it for more than a couple days, you’ll start to develop bed sores. But here I am 2 weeks in, and you know what? If we exclude the pain I am in for the breakage, I have no problem being sedentary in this bed. I don’t get sores from it, and it allows for a much more comfortable rest, even if it’s a 3-4 weeks or more rest.

Also, I am thankful with this Shin Bone Break, is family, friends, and most importantly my wife. I would have been in a hospice and not treated as well as I am without her. If it wasn’t for 2 of my neighbors who have helped me by getting me to the doctors, helping me up and down the stairs, and one who shared some great knowledge.

Final words about my Shin Bone Break

In conclusion, if you’re living in an RV, and you, your spouse, or someone else living with you or even a neighbor gets hurt, these are some of the things you need to worry about. If you’re like me and do manage to do the ol’ Shin Bone Break, then I also suggest you check out a site which I am helping my mom to create, called Grannies Rx.

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