They said Free WiFi

So in our quest to find a place to park our RV, we started looking at places which were close to my employer. We wanted it close, mostly quiet, and to have free internet. So this next segment it about RV Parks and of course “They said Free WiFi“.

RV Parks – They said Free WiFi

Before I go any further, into this tale about “They said Free WiFi”, I want to tell you where we were living before. When we came to this town, we didn’t want to bring all our junk, the cost to move, get a place, and set up a home was prohibitive. Originally, we thought 3-6 months, and we’ll move on. It’s been 2 years living in this town now – I don’t mind it, but the wife has another mind on the location.

So when we came here, we went to Orbitz, booked a room for about 4 days, and tried to negotiate a weekly rate. The hotel didn’t want our low ball rate, we went to another. And we went to another again which had a kitchenette – stove, microwave, and mini-fridge (with separate freezer). All was going well, but it cost $275 weekly – and I have to be honest it was scuzzy. But we stayed there for a few months, when the manager of the previous place came into my work and told me we could get a larger room, and also a kitchenette (with full sink/cabinets) for $210 a week. We stayed there for another year. I figured $30 a day, was the same cost of getting an apartment and including utilities. It was actually cheaper then an apartment till the local economy crashed, dropping apartment rates.

And tMobile Home Parts Store Deal of The Dayhen it dawned on me, that the cost to rent this hotel room, was actually about the same cost of an RV, a truck to pull it, an RV space, and could include utilities. A plan was hatched, though the timeline got a bit screwed up – but in the end here we are.

So as I mentioned above, Internet is a necessity. We don’t watch normal TV, it’s all about Amazon Video, YouTube, streaming NFL, and the occasional torrent. Honestly in this day and age, any smart phone or computer user doesn’t need TV. You don’t need to sit through commercials, it just isn’t needed. Watch your show, write on a blog, or surf reddit – all from the convenience of your Smart phone or computer.

They said Free WiFi… they said it was high-speed internet. They pay for 5gb down. What they didn’t mention was how many people with how many devices would be sharing said connection. We found a park for $400 a month including water, cable, internet, power, sewage – and it’s quiet – a huge plus.

As far as I can figure, 25 or so trailers share the internet. It’s only the RVers who get this connection for free – though perhaps they should change the password monthly… Assuming that the average couple has 2 smart phones and possibly a computer, we’re talking at least 75 devices connected – not including any children who might also stay in their parents’ RV or additional devices (we have 4 Androids and 2 computers).

So if they said Free WiFi, here’s the lesson. Count the amount of trailers. Ask what the download speed is, and if you can, test it (ask for the password). You can use your smartphone or computer and goto

As this point, I think we are about ready to change locations. Our speed isn’t anywhere near what we were promised and with as many RVs who also share the connection, it means we luck out to get 15kb down, even at 3am. So when they said Free WiFi, I think they don’t understand the whole Internet “fad”.

There is something else I should also mention here. I have to use a trick to stay connected. I use a tethering app and my Android smartphone for my computer. I have a wireless G and a Wireless N adapter – but they seem to not catch the signal as well as my Android Smart Phone does. It’s a work around to get a better connection (use app, connect to wifi, connect to computer, use as a tethering device). If you want to know how to use this method to get a free VPN Proxy, you can read this article (the site is safe, it’s also mine).

If they said Free WiFi, and you also have experienced a less then adequate connection, please write the name of the location in the comment below (RV Park Name, City, State/Region, Country, and link). I’ll start…

Sundowner RV Park, Farmington, NM USA •


I will edit this post to add those locations that people share in the comments.

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UPDATE: I purchased a new wireless adapter. Seems to help a bit. I picked up the Edimax AC 1200 Dual Band USB adapter. Am now able to stay online easier.

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