Vacation from the RV – Rotten Food

So we took a Vacation from the RV. What that entailed, was locking the door (both locks), turning off the water at the spigot, and opening a faucet to relieve the pressure.. Turning off the LP bottles, and turning off the pilot in the oven. And leaving. What we came back to, was a really hot RV, which took about 2 hours to cool. But that wasn’t all.

Vacation from the RV

Vacation from the RV

Check those expiration dates!

So I thought that preventive maintenance would have been enough. It wasn’t. Now I had remembered that the sewage in the bathroom had stank bad the last time we took off, and knew to drop another bio-pak in there, with more water. But this time, we also had some food go bad, and hadn’t realized it till we ate some. The wife and I had some eggs, which at first smelled all right. But then she ran to the bathroom several times. My stomach didn’t complain until 24 hours later, and I had my bout with the bathroom.

Interestingly, it turns out there may be a health benefit to eating rotten eggs. Read more here.

Worse was the smell which pervaded our RV. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, smelled really bad, whenever we ran the sink. It wasn’t the water. We have an inline filter, but also it didn’t smell in the bathroom. So possibly the grey tank. But strange that it only came from the kitchen sink.

Poured a bit of bleach, mixed with lots of water down both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I figured as long as I mixed with a lot of water it would be fine, since some people have washer/dryer combos in their RVs. We do not. It helped a little, but the scent was still there.

Ok, so I assumed that the smell was coming from the open gray water line, possibly from the sewage piping underground. Went to the sewage dump area to close it. That wasn’t it. The valve was closed. So I opened it, and released the grey water tank. Went back inside. Scent was still there.

Finally, I checked the food trap. No egg was in it. Lifted it up, and looked down the drain. Lo and behold, there was egg trapped in the drain, but not in the trap, so I used a butter knife to dislodge the food, and ran the water a bit more.

And the scent dissipated. I did leave the door open, with the screen door blocking bugs, which did help to alleviate the smell within.

Vacation from the RV Lessons Learned

So I learned 3 lessons from this new experience.

  1. My wife’s sniffer isn’t as great as she claims it to be, since the smell wasn’t noticeable to her.
  2. Check the expiration date of food, when you come back from any time away from the RV.
  3. Make sure that the gray water sewage line is open in the warm months, especially if you plan to leave the water faucet on, in case of a water pressure issue.

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