Increase MPG – Driving RVs Frugally

Increase MPG - Driving RVs FrugallyIf you want to Increase MPG (Miles per Gallon or even Kilometers per Liter), there is one quick lesson you need to learn. I should mention that I have a 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. It doesn’t sink when I hook up my trailer, and I can pull without engaging the tow helper. All this means, is that I notice little in terms of power loss when I pull a trailer. What I do notice however is that I get a lot less MPG. In fact, I go from about 18 MPG to 6.5 MPG when I am pulling. This is a loss of 2/3 of the amount of miles I can go.

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Increase MPG – Driving RVs Frugally

However there is a lesson I learned when I drove form Mohave Valley, AZ to Barstow, CA. It’s about 165 miles. Just because you can drive fast, doesn’t mean you should. If you want to make it to the cheaper gas stations, you need to lower the amount of gasoline you consume, to Increase MPG.

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All this means, is slow down. I can and have hit 80 miles an hour pulling my trailer, up hill. But to eek out those extra miles, it’s more important to keep higher gears, and go slower. So, its better to pretend you are a big rig truck drover, and go 40 miles an hour up hill in the slow lane, and 55 mph on the straight and narrows, to get better mileage.

When you’re talking about a difference is gallons of gas ranging from $1 more a gallon, that’s a huge savings, if you take your time driving. A normally 13 hour trip in just my truck, took me 17 hours. While I saved gas, I also saved time. If I was driving fast, I would also have had to fill up much more often, which is more downtime.

Really it all comes down to how much money and time you can afford to spend. This 13 hour trip, under normal circumstances is a fill up 2x at fairly cheap gas (petrol) stations. If I drive fast, I have to fill up around 6 times. If I drive slower, I can get it to 5.5 or even 5x fill ups. With each stop over being 20 minutes, I save 20 minutes and I save money. It also comes into play, how long your drive is. That was Northern New Mexico to South Western California.

Do you want to Increase MPG? Don’t forget, slower speeds also saves lives.

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